2 Best: New Match Modes via screenshot Last year WWE 2K18 introduced and reintroduced a lot more match types and gaming modes for fans to get to grips with.
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This would help the game stay up to date with constant drama inside and outside the ring whilst giving the developers time to work on something special.
The usual suspects are back like.
Even better, you can now customize these matches with your own stipulations to create a brand new match type of your own.Andrade 'Cien' Almas, pH_Guy is forging a reputation as one of the most talented creators around and the reigning NXT Champion represents his best work.24 Best: Create A Wrestler Will Keep You Busy For Hours via m In the last few years, the WWE 2K games have set a standard for character creation modes.Start Now, email 30 Best: The Graphics Are Better Than Ever via m, last years entry, wWE 2K18 was a significant improvement over 2K17 and this year's wrestling title takes this evolution a few steps further.In addition, there are new superstar specific reversals and theyre animated really well.

I want every wrestler to have street fight gear if I want.
29 Worst: WWE 2K19 Is The Best Its Ever Been, But It Needs A Year Off via.
21 Worst: The Commentary Still Needs A Lot Improvement via 2k sports If theres one area of the WWE 2K series that needs a complete revamp it is the commentary.
WWE 2K franchise has a habit of very slowly introducing new features or reintroducing old ones that fans have long wanted to see make a return.After all that, you may find yourself in need of something new to play about with, and that's where the Community Creations tab comes in handy.However, WWE 2K19 is getting very close, they are more difficult to pull off in this years entry but they are never unfair.It's time to put that right and fill up some more of those CAW slots.How many Create-a-Superstar/Diva save slots are there in?Community Creations enable you to download wrestlers made by other dedicated wrestling fans, thereby filling in gaps from the current WWE roster, or creating a custom catalogue of ECW, WCW and TNA bruisers.Reversals look more natural and chain wrestling resembles is more enjoyable.Of course, theres the downside that not every wrestling fan will automatically like Daniel Bryan and may find themselves not connecting to the Showcase.The Hairstyle Physics Are Strange via m Last year we criticized the hair rendering in WWE 2K18 for looking like strands of spaghetti that sort of flopped around unnaturally during entrances, conversations, and in the matches.So it is good news that the mode has seen some significant changes that help make the experience more enjoyable as a whole.Instead of pushing him in the more comfortable position of heel, creative cast Aries as a cocky babyface who challenged Neville for the Cruiserweight Title.So to address this, 2K have included silly additions like Big Head Mode, Zombie Triple-H, Golden AJ Styles, and Box Man which looks like a Minecraft character.27 Worst: It Could Do With More Than One Showcase Mode via m, its great to see the Showcase Mode make its triumphant return this year with Daniel Bryan being the focus of the games story.