Also, 1800kv on 6s is actually a bit too high RPMs.
I'd like to stick with the stock electronics for the year, but I want it to be reliable.
This is also a great setup.
I've pretty much decided on the Blackjack.I understand that tuning a high speed cat takes a lot of betting casino online on ipl trial and error to get correct and I'm ready to pursue the task.I don't want the hardcase, but the water-cooled sounds interesting.I don't have unlimited to buy the boat and all new electronics AND batteries all at the same time.Is this correct thinking?Special thanks to Offshore electric and Nitro Hobbies Inc.I know the motor isn't the greatest either.I like to target between rpms.So for sustained sports running, a 2000kv / 120A is another solid config.

If you want a reliable rock solid boat, keep 'em.
I know as well to change the motor timing.5 degrees in order to make it run cooler than at 15 degrees (the way it comes stock).
The V2's can get right on the edge of 50mph on 4s, the V3's should jugar poker sin apostar dinero get more.
It sounds like either the Octura X440 or X442 props work the best.Thanks so much guys, I'm really excited to get some feedback in this forum of RCU!I did a lot of research and have read many threads on this boat.Regular, hardcase, and water-cooled.The V3 is has the 120A ESC which is better than the previous V2's 80A, but I've heard from quite a few people that 6S really should have a 180A (hobbywing) ESC.I don't want to overload the ESC, so I'm thinking the safer route would be the x440.Thanks for watching and thumbs.Hey guys, I've been doing RC for about 8 years and I'm looking at purchasing my first catamaran.On the V2's, the issue was Proboat used an 80A esc.Does it affect the water-cooling system's performance?I also read that going in reverse ruins the flex shaft and that a lot people program their boats to go forward only to prevent accidental destruction.As for batteries, I was considering the Venom 3S 5000mah 50Cs, but they come in three types.That is more than enough for 4S, but about 100amps short.