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Modern Concepts Current Concepts of Educational Institutions Alexander Shulaev, Department for Education of Velikie Luki Administration, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, Russia.
Korolev State Aerospace University Library for Science and Technology, Samara, Russia.
Accumulating and Disseminating the Knowledge of Local Lore and History at the Rural Library Varvara Gorodnyaya, Martynovskaya Rural Library, Dzhankoi Centralized Library System, Dzhankoi, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine.40-19.00 Presentation of the project: Establishment of the Science Book Center in Sevastopol Project initiators: Russian.Working with libraries is one of the priorities of the House.Digital Image Indexing Maira Dudareva, University of Latvia, Latvia, Riga.Elsevier a Global Leader in Medical Books, Journals, and E-products Publishing.Sparc: Igniting Change in Scholarly Communication Richard Johnson, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (sparc Washington, DC, USA.00-11.20 coffee break.20-13.00 session (continued) Papers:.Public Library as the Town Cultural, Information and Educational Center (with a slide-show) Tatyana Romanenko, Director, Centralized Library System, Gubkinsky, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Russia.Discussion leaders: Stuart Hamilton, ifla Senior Policy Advisor, ifla Headquarters, The Hague, The Netherlands Vladimir Firsov, ifla faife Committee Member; Vice President, Russian Library Association; Deputy Director General, National Library of Russia,.

Libraries Innovative Policy as a Study Subject Vera Zagumennaya, State Academy of Culture and Arts for Top Managers, Kiev, Ukraine.
To Love Vladimir Voynovich, writer, Moscow, Russia round-up and conclusions Special Event of Pushkin Library Nonprofit Foundation Tuesday, June 10,.00-19.00 Crimea Conference Hall chair tienda casino cirsa valencia : Mariya Vedenyapina, Director General, "Pushkin Library" Nonprofit Foundation, Moscow, Russia administrators: Marina Novikova, Deputy Director General, "Pushkin Library" Nonprofit.
Have publishers become more open for libraries?Pavel Arefyev, Scientific Electronic Library, Moscow, Russia.On Developing the Model of Museum Library Collection Irina Timasheva, Scientific Library.The Innovation Concept of School Libraries Activities.Innovative Technologies of Automation of Centralized Library Systems Finances and Business Operations Based on Oracle dbms Alexey Losev, Mik-Inform Scientific and Technical Center - Business Partner of Parus Corporation, Moscow, Russia.In cooperation with Telelift GmbH, Munich, Germany, SIS engineering offers transportation systems for door-to-door delivery of publications (books).The History of Medical Books in Belarus (up to 1917) Veronika Shutova, Deputy Director, Republican Scientific Medical Library, Minsk, Belarus.Building Electronic Library Collections on Regional History Vadim Andrenyuk, Electronic Archive Corporation, ProSoft-M Company, Moscow, Russia.On Semantic Modelling Margarita Yakovleva,.G.This tour will be both a pilgrimage and a travel through different historical periods.Tour .00-21.00 southern coast of crimea: Nikitsky Botanical Garden, alupka vorontsov palace, lastochkino gnezdo (swallows nest) castle, yalta Departure time:.00 Duration: 14 hours Tour.30-20.30 DZHur-DZHur (noisy) waterfallmramornaya (marble) cave plateausimferopol Departure time:.30 Duration: 13 hours Tour .00-17.00 stary krym (old.Publishing translations of foreign literature in library and information area; Others, as proposed by the Round Table participants.New from Emerald Group Publishing: Printed and Electronic Books on Finance and Economics Marcin Dembowski, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, Bingley,. .