33 The governor speculated that the jailbreak "was planned." 34 And Jorge Domene, the security spokesman for the state of Nuevo León, does not discard the possibility that Óscar Manuel Bernal Soriano alias La Araña may have been the major leader in the riot and.
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126 Some sources reveal that the killings were indeed "planned executions." 127 Earlier on, 14 inmates were also killed in a riot at the federal prison in Matamoros.Retrieved (in Spanish) "El Gobierno federal construye 10 penales para solucionar crisis carcelaria"."Drug cartel blamed in prison riot that killed 44".Archived from the original on Retrieved (in Spanish) "Se fugan 40 reos de penal en Matamoros".46 Aftermath edit The governor of Nuevo León mentioned that 30 inmates, reportedly from the criminal group Los Zetas, escaped from the prison with the "complicity of the prison authorities and that 18 prison guards were being investigated on 20 February 2012.The only thing that the government of Calderón and the next president can do is come to an agreement with us, because if they don't, we will overthrow the government and we will take the power by force the same way we have been doing.84 'Narco-banners' in Monterrey edit The Blog del Narco published an article on 25 February 2012 reporting that the criminal group Los Zetas had put up several narco-banners, messages hung from bridges or in other public places, 85 around the city of Monterrey at around."Prison riot in Matamoros holdem manager 2 free hud kills 20; shootouts reported in Reynosa".108 The 5 guards that were supposed to supervise have not been found, and the Federal government of Mexico urged the state and municipal authorities to strengthen the security of their prisons.

The governor of, nuevo León, Rodrigo Medina, mentioned on 20 February 2012 that 30 inmates escaped from the prison during the riot.
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Retrieved (in Spanish) "Un comando libera a trece prisioneros de un penal de Reynosa".A b (in Spanish) "Ordenan aprehensión contra 21 ex funcionarios de Apodaca".Narco-Blockade' reported in Reynosa neighborhood".59 In addition, they condemned the massacre and asked for the National Human Rights Commission to "monitor conditions of detention throughout Mexico." 60 Moreover, Egidio Torre Cantú, the governor of the neighboring state of Tamaulipas, has agreed to search for the fugitives of the prison.Retrieved (in Spanish) "La violencia no cesa en Monterrey y los bloqueos regresan a la ciudad".Retrieved "Mexico Prison Riot Staged by Zetas as Cover for Mass Escape, Officials Say".128 Moreover, in 1991, the time when Juan García Ábrego was the supreme leader of the Gulf Cartel, the federal prison in Matamoros experienced the massacre of 18 people.8, the fight was between, los Zetas and the, gulf Cartel, two drug cartels that operate in northeastern Mexico."Mexico prison shooting: 17 dead in Ciudad Juarez clash".(in Spanish) "La cndh inicia una investigación sobre la muerte de 44 reos en Apodaca".(in Spanish) "La ONU pide pesquisa independiente tras muertes en prisión de Nuevo León".(in Spanish) "Se fugan 25 reos de penal de Michoacán".Retrieved (in Spanish) "Más de 400 reos se fugaron de cárceles de Tamaulipas en 14 meses".

41 Fraudulent numbers edit On, the Attorney General's Office Nuevo León corrected the figures of the inmates who managed to escape the prison during the massacre, confirming that the actual prisoners who escaped were 37not 29as previously stated.