There was quite low morale with all of the crew and I had to pep them up, said organiser Harvey Goldsmith.
11 million was raised in the UK that day, with another 36million in the States.
It was rumoured The Beatles would re-form with Julian Lennon on bingo en internet guitar.It hadnt dawned.Many acts said no to Geldof.In this context, Live Aid seemed positively contrary.Its too late now and if you want to pull Mick Jagger, pull him, but I dont think youre going to succeed.

While he hadnt performed live since the assassination of John Lennon five years earlier, it was felt that if anything could drag him back on to a stage, this was.
There was a traffic-light system at the side of the stage, and when the amber went on it meant they had a minute left.
There were pledges totalling 50 million.
Bob Geldof announced that we were playing, said the bands Curt Smith.On paper, a global charity concert premios apuestas multiples euromillones with Bob Dylan, Elton John, The Rolling hoteles en merlo san luis cerca del casino Stones and a Beatle should have happened in the 1970s, not the selfish, grasping 1980s.The Eighties: One Day, One Decade, by Dylan Jones, is published by Preface, priced.For months we had talked of little else.David Bailey had been asked to photograph everyone backstage, and had constructed a makeshift studio, catching them as they came off stage.11 million was raised in the UK that day, with another 36 million in the States.His penultimate phone call of the night had been with the manager of an American band who said that unless their set was lengthened, they would pull out.Geldof quickly dressed, throwing on the same clothes hed worn every day for weeks, a denim shirt and skinny trousers.I thought about what to wear, but in the end it seemed preposterous, he said.I was p*d off.They used to call Prince Charles handsome and dashing, too, which really is a stretch.

At 11 oclock, Charles and Diana arrived.
I asked them if they had a spare rocket we could send Mick Jagger.