Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy United States to influence the United States space program Coalition for Deep Space Exploration United States advocating for continued government funding in space exploration activities.
Examples include improving the state of the natural environment, encouraging the observance of human rights, improving the welfare of the disadvantaged, or representing a corporate agenda.
RocketShip Tours United States a space tourism company founded to offer sub-orbital human space flights.NPO Energomash Russia rocket engine manufacturer of liquid propellant rocket engines for use on launch vehicles.Corporation United States a private spaceflight company founded to offer entertaining space missions.RKK Energia Russia owns Sea Laucnh, a maritime launch platform that helps to launch various payloads into space.American Rocket Company United States to develop motors for hybrid rocket systems.Hawker Siddeley United Kingdom development of space systems, including the Miranda satellite.Contents, although Wikipedia is often guilty of passing on misinformation and publishing out-of-date factoids, the online encyclopedia is still the second choice (after Google) for countless ruleta americana en las vegas people in need of information about a subect, person or organization.LunaCorp to launch a rover to the surface of the moon that would be driven by commercial customers.Non-governmental organizations are a heterogeneous group.

International Launch Services United States joint American-Russian venture to manufacture and provide proton rocket systems.
Orbital Sciences Corporation United States to manufacture small and medium-class space and rocket systems.
Space Tourism Society United States To conduct research into space tourism and make it available to as many people as possible.Frequently this type of personnel is employed to satisfy a donor who wants to see the supported project managed by someone from an industrialized country.American Technology Consortium United States to manufacture aerospace products for space applications.Routledge Press: Taylor Francis Group Maha Abdelrahman, Civil Society Exposed: The Politics of NGOs in Egypt, The American University in Cairo Press, 2004.International NGOs as Global Institutions: Using Social Capital to Impact Multinational Enterprises and Governments, Journal of International Management.

Spacemeta Brazil founded to help advance the exploration of space through the Google Lunar X Prize competition.
While the R2P doctrine has wide applications, among the more controversial has been the Canadian government's use of R2P to justify its intervention and support of the coup in Haiti.
AE Aerospace United Kingdom to manufacture and supply precision machine components for the aerospace industry.